State Of Unfair

by Ren Stedman

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When I was young
my Mum told me son
you’ll be fine.
Everything’s falling apart
but things improve
with time

I’m sure when you’re grown
with the things you’ve been shown
you’ll land on your feet and you won’t feel alone like I did
But have you seen the state our country’s in?
Because they broke all their promises
Their lies spread just like viruses
they break all their own rules by issuing licences
for shit
I’ve only gotten used to it.

And it can't be fair that for working all week
I'm barely breaking even or making ends meet
But the girl down the road gets more money than me
From the state when she stated these lies of deceit 
To get money from me and the benefit system 
But when I ask the council for help they won't listen
They say that I'm doing quite well for my age
But well isn't well off on minimum wage 

And I’m called a traitor for believing in labour
cause the party tdoesn’t even believe in their leader
but look at where we got from lead in the past
fucked the whole country over and talked out his arse
his whole term
I guess we’ll never learn.

When ukip came knocking
To ask for my vote
And the tory's sent leaflets
To ram down my throat
And there's posters on bus stops
Of people who speak
When they earn too much money to
Represent me
Cashing cheques in their bank
But they'll never confess it
That they got their money from
Promoting brexit
And sailing the ship
Towards rocks on the shore
To jump off on your own
And say none of this was ever your fault

But the poor will stay poor
And the rich will earn more
And these nazi’s will send all their earnings to banks abroad
So that people like me can continue to slave
Away in a job and know that things won't ever change


released April 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Ren Stedman Grays, UK

Acoustic / Folk Musician from South Essex, UK.

80% Cotton 20% Polyester.

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